About Us

Infotron Technology Services is a web based company. Passion would bring anything possible. The passion we have for web development, gave a few smaller projects, which emerged into a firm, with a number of clients because of our promising quality. We now provide services in the field of website designing, development and in web applications development. We aspire to provide even more services in near future.

The company is built by the dream we had in developing our own concern which made us drive the path we wished to travel. We had a strong determination that helped our dream come true, because of which, in addition to services, we now move forward with the aim of launching our own products.

As our tagline says, the code we live by is "trust." We mainly focus on trust concerned to our super good employees and golden clients. Such trust that we created, in turn created a window of opportunity and the works we did are the evidences of commitment we show towards our projects and responsibility we tend to hold for it. You are Welcome, not only to build projects but, also to build trust.